This is a question which popped up my mind and I thought it is important to be absolutely clear about this “WHY”.

I have always loved reading and writing. I read a lot despite the limited time I get from work.

I also like writing, it’s usually about expressing myself, my feelings and opinions and at times about sharing information about something that I find useful, cool or may help someone in some way or other.

I guess, I picked up blogging, as soon as I moved from the PEN to my laptop KEYBOARD. The transformation was spontaneous, I used to create word documents on my laptop, write small articles etc. and then I read about blogging and how everyone had started to write a blog on what interests them. This included food blogs, gadgets and dating etc.

When I started, I experimented with blogging platforms like Blogger, BlogSpot etc. but then I eventually decided to get my own domain and hosting.


Today I blog to share Digital Marketing knowledge, trends and tips with someone keen to learn blogging.

I am inspired by the journey of great bloggers like Patt Flynn and Neil Patel. I am awed how they have completely mastered and created a brand of their own on the internet.

I blog to experiment and share the success and failures of my digital experiments. I want to create a digital marketing revenue stream which is simple, predictive, recurring and recession proof. eCloudbuddy blog is a platform which is helping me fulfill this dream.


I think blogging is something that gives me hope. I blog to express myself. I strongly feel there is a genius in every one of us waiting to be unleashed. Blogging is a channel which can connect you with the remotest part of the world so if you want to express yourself or learn and experiment with digital marketing, go begin your blogging journey today.