Hello everyone,

Things are shaping up well, while we are building up towards bringing meaningful traffic on eCloudbuddy.
This is evident by the reduction in website bounce rate. In comparison to my June 2015 website traffic, Page views show considerable improvement, when you look at visitor to pageviews matrix, signifying that eCloudbuddy visitors are more engaged now, which is also evident by the improvement in the Avg. Session duration matrix.

eCloudbuddy Page views

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I wrote in another post about How I Reduced My Website Bounce Rate from 90% to Below 65% within 2 Weeks, if you have not gone through it already, I suggest you go through it, it will really help you fix some of the issues causing your visitors to go away.

The major difference I think is the frequency and quality of blog posts that I have written in July which have helped me gain some momentum and I plan to build on it in August too. Further doing a post mortem of where the visitors are spending more time, you can see the Website Traffic Report for the period Jan to July 2015 gained a good amount of attention.


Followed by a post I did on Greece Crisis, which was trending in July world over and was somewhat bound to get attention.

The posts in email marketing category too are doing well and I plan to write more on this topic.
I am using insight from Google Webmaster tools to check out which keywords are getting me website impressions, clicks etc. and plan to create new posts basis this.

Microsoft Just launched Windows10, their latest operating system. I already have it installed on my Dell Laptop and I plan to share the review soon with everyone. Though i did another post to help ecloudbuddy readers have a smooth Windows 10 upgrade process.

I also plan to completely revamp eCloudbuddy website design for a more engaging user experience by mid of August, hopefully you will like it.

Thank you very much for going through the entire post, I promise to add more useful posts in August.

Happy blogging!