I booked eCloudbuddy domain in the year 2011, with almost no idea what I am going to do about it. I wanted to express myself and blogging was a new concept so I thought I’ll create my blog and I wanted a domain of my own for some reason (I guess I was a little afraid that someone will steal my content if I use WordPress/blogger etc.)

But then, I experimented with hosting, WordPress, a bit of odd posts and then my enthusiasm died, finished. This was majorly attributed to a stressful job accompanied by odd shift hours and a lot of work pressure, which didn’t give me enough time to think apart from work. I was literally slogging at office and any creative juice I had inside me apart from WORK was DEAD.

But things have changed, due to changes in my professional and personal life, I am now able to take responsibility of managing my blog and nurturing it further. So here is a review of last six months in terms of eCloudbuddy traffic, I hope it helps someone who is just starting off.

Most of the top blogs do a review of their traffic every month and analyze a lot of stuff, but I thought I’ll do it when I am in the early phase of building my blog.

The reason of it is

  1. May be it helps someone who is just starting off with some important piece of information like you don’t get a lot of visits when you begin, you will have to work hard on building it up.
  2. To show how the trend has been upward in terms of traffic on my blog and why it is up as per my analysis and what you too can do to get a decent amount of traffic.

So here we go with eCloudbuddy Website Traffic Report

January 2015 Traffic Report

In 2014 the total visits to eCloudbuddy were 1251, whereas in January 2015 itself I had 629 visits which is almost 50% of eCloudbuddy’s entire traffic in 2015.

January 2015 Traffic Report

In January I created 3 posts, two of which were entirely off my genre which is internet marketing, blogging, new internet based business models, technology and reviews. They did affect my targeted traffic but my overall traffic surged. One more factor was promoting these posts on social media especially Reddit and Facebook which gave boost to referral traffic.

10 Lessons I Learned From My Worst Bosses

10 Funny Slangs used by Indian Teens in 90s

How to Write Your Ideal Subject Line

February 2015 Traffic Report

In February I was taking care of some personal responsibilities and could not spent time on my blog. Now when I look back, I think I could have planned better.

February 2015 Traffic Report

March 2015 Traffic Report

Same story in March, though I made some changes on a few pages, resubmitted the site map and worked on making the overall blog look better.

March 2015 Traffic Report

April 2015 Traffic Report

April too kept me occupied with my commitments at home and again the results are obvious the blog traffic took a hit.

April 2015 Traffic Report

May 2015 Traffic Report

In May, I wrote 2 posts



and the blog traffic shot up for good and the bounce rate declined too suggesting I was on the right track.

May 2015 Traffic Report

June 2015 Traffic Report

In June, I wrote 4 posts and we got our best traffic in the year, but our bounce rate was high too, suggesting that the readers were not happy with something, which could be the design, content or something else.

June 2015 Traffic Report

I worked on a few things and have been able to fix it too an extent, In July we have the bounce rate come down to 64.21% (1-7th July) and I expect it to be on a lower side for the rest of the month too.





Alright so this was website traffic report for eCloudbuddy YTD 2015, i’ll try to publish it month on month. I also mentioned that i did something to reduce my website bounce rate by at least 25-30%. I’ll write another post to reveal the secret which has become imperative for every website in 2015.

Keep Blogging!