Facebook and twitter are two most popular social networking websites today. How convenient it would be for you if you could stay connected with it every now and then even without an internet connection by your mobile phone. Let’s learn how you can do it one by one.

How to tweet on Twitter without Internet

If you want to tweet on twitter from your mobile without an internet connection all you need to do is configure a few settings in your twitter account first. Login into your twitter account and on the top right corner you will see a “gear” icon.

Once you will click on it, you will see “settings.” Click on settings and then you will see man options on the left side, out of which you have to click on “Mobile.” It will give you the option to “Add your mobile phone to your account.”
Here you will see three options “Country/region, Phone number, and Carrier. You have to choose your country then enter your phone number in the phone number field with country code and in carrier you have to enter the name of operator, for example, Vodafone, Airtel etc.
and then click on “Activate phone.”

You will receive a code from 40404 on your phone number.

You have to enter this code as verification in the code field that you will get after you will click on “Activate Phone”.

After this you will successfully be able to tweet from your mobile.

How to Post on Facebook without Internet

You can easily post something on your Facebook wall or share anything with your friends on Facebook without even an internet connection on your mobile phone.

Simply, login into your Facebook account. On the right support corner, click on the “Gear” icon and then click on “Account Settings.

Under “Account Settings,” click on the Mobile option given on the left pane. Now, “Under Mobile Settings,” click on Activate Text Messaging. An “Activate Facebook texts,” window will pop-up on which you have to choose your country and under Carrier you have to type your Choose your operator (if you don’t see your operator, click on other Carrier).



Then, click on next button. Now, you have to send a text letter “F” to the given number and then enter the code that you will get in response. That’s all.

Please note: Text messaging is telecom provider dependent service and can incur additional costs. So please use caution before sending and receiving Facebook or twitter text messages.

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