When it comes to smartphones, people usually change their smartphones for reasons like, their old smartphone malfunctioned, there is a new SMART phone in market, and to stay in fashion. Smartphone Buying Guide 2014 will help you make that shift.

While it can be a daunting task for someone who is not much of a technology enthusiast, for someone who is a smartphone buff with an experience of working on more than one smartphone before, this transition of switching from one smartphone to other will be most of all SMOOTH.

Another way of looking at it is in terms of the operating systems, the world’s top three mobile operating systems in terms of market share are Android, iOS and Windows OS platform.

An Android smartphone user will be comfortable changing to another android smartphone and same is true for iOS and Windows phone. Whereas, an android user will find it difficult to switch to iOS or Windows OS.

The biggest challenge while switching from one smartphone to another is ensuring smooth transition of old phone’s data to new one, which includes music, videos, contacts, books, sms, pictures etc.

While switching from one smartphone to another with same operating system, due to same file format, moving user data is usually simple for a user, but it becomes difficult if you are switching to a different Operating system.

Another challenge is in terms of getting used to a manufacturer’s inbuilt software on a phone and then not finding that software on another smartphone. For example someone switching from RIMs Blackberry to a Samsung Android phone will surely miss the famous Blackberry messenger. Also, there are apps and games which are available on one OS and are not available on other and a user does miss his/her favorite apps once they switch.

A smartphone change also results in change in hardware configurations on the phone, it may result in change in battery life, camera picture quality, operating system response time, screen resolution etc.

Also, the most important factor is price involved in the change, you have to take the call on the price that you want to pay for the new smartphone and is it justified.

So, looking at all these factors my opinion is regardless of age or geography, it always is very tricky switching a smartphone.

Smartphone Buying Guide 2014 Tip 1

1. It is advisable to do through research on price, hardware and software of the smartphone you are planning to buy through online blogs, online review websites.

Smartphone Buying Guide 2014 Tip 2

You can simply walk into a smartphone retail shop where you can check most of the features hands on and can make an intelligent and informed decision.

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I hope you find this edition of Smartphone Buying Guide 2014 useful.