Marketing automation has become quite a popular choice in the business sector in the recent years. The reason behind its increasing popularity is its ability to provide a reliable and stable platform to connect with your customers; old and new alike. It’s no news that marketing automation software is much better than the conventional marketing platforms. The difference becomes pretty much clear on comparing the results in terms of new profits and leads you create and the amount of return you get on your investments.

However, there is still a gap in the marketing automation techniques that needs to be filled. The biggest problem is that marketing automation is yet to be completely automated. The rules and workflow are hard-coded to particular user actions, thus creating a contradiction between what the data says and what consists of a good lead. For instance, if you decide to alter the design of your website, the workflow created for marketing will break. There is still much to be achieved to actually automate, simplify and fasten the speed of marketing automation.

Looking at the current marketing automation trends, it is evident that marketing automation is evolving for better with gradual addition of key ingredients required for a better marketing future. In fact, we are most likely to see marketing software becoming more accessible, simpler to use and personalized with better predictive analytics, mobility and social influx.

Simpler And Easily Accessible Software

Even after marketing automation being the most preferred choice to market business these days, not every organization has enough skilled professionals or resources to train or hire skilled professionals who have a robust understanding of these platforms and how they work. This calls for the need to have a system with easy and simple to use interface for better revenues. The good news is that most of the marketing automation companies are already working towards this goal to build simpler workflow processes to make the marketing automation task easier.

Mobile-friendly Software:

Since mobile marketing is gaining popularity day by day, marketing automation companies are keen on developing software and apps that are much more mobile-friendly. A few apps, in fact, have already been introduced in the market that enable marketers to send news feed and notifications to their valuable customers based on the data and statistics collected on their previous purchasing habits. Such apps thus create a platform that allows marketers to engage and improve their relations with their existing customers. Another benefit that marketers are likely to experience is the ease with which they can focus on their valuable customers based on their location. In future, companies are likely to be able to conduct campaigns targeting demographics purely based on the products and services your customer prefers and uses in that specific location.

Personalization and Predictive Analytics:

Another significant change we might see in the near future is expansion of marketing automation with more fulfilling results in leads and profit generation due to more personalized content. In addition to personalization, the predictive analytics are likely to become much accurate, thus allowing marketers to predict precise interactions and conversions for every single customer. Companies are working towards incorporating new algorithms to allow businesses get an insight into the customer’s purchasing habits, further enabling them to determine their most valuable customers and thus establish better relations with them.

Moreover, marketing automation gives you much clearer information about your regular visitors. Thus, if a customer shows interest in your company by clicking on the link provided in the e-mail, companies can follow-up on those leads and complete the transaction.

In fact, the fact that personal level interactions with customers and sending friendly reminders about pending items in their shopping carts help in optimizing lead generation and completing transactions had been proved years ago, but with marketing automation, the horizons become much clearer and achievable with you having better information on your customer’s purchasing history and preferred choices.

In the end, it all boils down to the obvious conclusion that future of marketing automation is brighter than ever before. It is and will continue to thrive, helping marketers become more effective and efficient.

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