If you are already running an organization with multiple marketing channels, I have no doubt in my mind that you must be using e-mail marketing. If you are a start-up still working on building up your marketing strategy, e-mail marketing is one of the first marketing channels I want to recommend that you set-up.

The fact that a dollar spent on e-mail marketing has a positive return on investment of around $45 becomes one of the major factor supporting this argument.

why you should start e-mail marketing

why you should start e-mail marketing (Source: ConstantContact)

So, if you want to take the plunge to set this up, here is a short boot camp to do it with ease.

For making this process easy to understand, I have divided this into 5 parts.


  1. E-Mail Platform Requirements
  2. E-Mail Marketing Goals
  3. E-Mail Campaign Objectives
  4. E-Mail Marketing Team Alignment
  5. E-Mail Marketing Roadmap



  1. E-Mail Platform Set-Up
  2. E-Mail Marketing Soft Launch
  3. E-Mail Reporting Set-Up
  4. E-Mai Marketing Launch


  1. Get e-mail data
  2. Perform e-mail exclusion and correction
  3. Segment Data
  4. Upload Data
  5. Create e-mailer
  6. Create Test Campaign
  7. Perform Test Run
  8. Schedule Campaign


  1. Review Test Campaign Results
  2. Review Subject Line Test Results
  3. For first tests review against industry benchmarks
  4. Review unsubscribe and bounce results
  5. Review CTR
  6. Review Conversion
  7. Review overall campaign performance


  1. Devise an e-mail marketing automation strategy
  2. Devise trigger based targeting strategy
  3. Devise auto data upload through API strategy
  4. Use e-mail templates
  5. Formulate automated e-mail campaign strategy. e.g. a holiday campaign can be executed on a particular date based on a previous purchase pattern of an existing customer.
  6. Use automation in landing page creation and conversion optimization


This is it for now, in part two of How to Start E-mail Marketing for Your Organization, we will cover e-mail marketing strategy and the sub sections above. I will ensure that I cover most of the e-mail marketing best practices so that you get the best out of your e-mail marketing channel.I want to do individual posts on each of these sections to provide more value.

Hope you benefit from it.