If you are new to blogging, I am sure you will have your eyebrows already raised and questions in your head like … Are you serious?

But I want to prove that it is actually possible to do this in under 5 minutes in 2015. In fact I’ll actually create a video around it and show you exactly how to do it in less than 5 minutes (Coming Soon).

So let’s begin,

Decide What to Blog About

I am sure if you are planning to blog, you must have already decided about what do you want to blog about?

If you haven’t done this yet, well it’s now my turn to ask, Are you serious?

I suggest you blog about something that interests you, it can be about the wonderful trips you took, parenting, technology etc. It’s important that you:


Search and Buy a Good Domain Name

You can buy it From godaddy or any other domain name service provider or you can choose a blog publishing platform like WordPress, Blogger etc. where you can publish your blog.

Choose a Good Web Hosting Provider

We recommend godaddy, ipage, hostgator, siteground or bluehost. This is not applicable if you choose to host your blog using WordPress or Blogger.

The above process will take around 4 minutes and


You are already ready to blog!

A few good next steps can be

Choosing a Good Blogging Template:

This is important in 2015, because of the change in the user patterns of consuming content, as now more and more content is consumed on smartphones and tablets rather than desktop or laptops. You will need to ensure that your readers get same kind of experience across different devices.

Promoting Your Blog

This is even more tricky part, you have created a blog but you would want to promote it to reach more people, you will need to optimize your blog content, set-up Google analytics, create a sitemap, submit your blog to different search engines, create social profiles etc. We will do a detailed post on How to Promote Your Blog like a Pro very soon.

Customizing Your Blog for Targeted Traffic

You will need to continually work on different elements of your blog, like the newsletter box, social widgets etc. to gain more blog visitors. You will need to nurture your visitors to become your brand advocates and spread the word about you.

Alright so now you know How to Start a Blog in Less Than 5 Minutes, and a few other important things which you should take care of when you start building you blog, each of the subsections can be taken up in detail and as a new blogger you will need to understand these concepts if you want to make it to the top blog lists across the world. Wish you all the best.