Hello Everyone,

This post is a bit late on schedule, i got a little tied up with sorting out a few things and i’ll update about them too soon, and this is also a follow up post from my last post Website Traffic Report For eCloudbuddy From Jan 2015-June 2015

Anyone of you who would have looked at my June month’s traffic report would have noticed that I had a website bounce rate above 90%, which is pretty bad. I was looking at it and figuring out how to control it.

So here are the things I did to reduce this drastically and get us back on track

Fixed Issue with Web Server

I had issue with our web servers, where I was getting constant notifications from my website monitoring tool about a website time out or website down.

Now if your website is down or is taking too much time to load it will reflect adversely on your website bounce rates so fixing this definitely will have a positive impact on your website bounce rates too.

Performed Google Mobile Friendly Tool Test

Though I am using a premium responsive WordPress theme. I performed the Google mobile friendly tool test to find errors with eCloudbuddy website access on smartphones and tablets. By doing this, I was able to make the mobile user experience better and it showed in terms of reduced bounce rate. You too should perform this test on your website Mobile-Friendly Test

Performed a Google PageSpeed Insight Test

As soon as I witnessed that the website is sluggish and after fixing the issue with webserver I performed a website pagespeed insight test, which you too can perform using the link PageSpeed Insights

Following the feedback from the speed test here and making the required changes in the code, along with enabling page caching, optimizing images used on the website and removing a few pages from the website, I was able to go green on this test and this too had a positive impact towards reducing the website bounce rate.

Published More Engaging Posts

I also published more posts than previous months, which meant that users will have new content to follow and will find useful stuff here to look forward too. This I think is one major factor for any blog and is perhaps the standout factor in keeping your website bounce rates in check.

I also plan to make some changes in website layout and I am working on getting the look and feel of the blog even better for a pleasant website experience. I also plan to rework on the website structure and navigation to make the website user experience better.

I am sure doing all of these should have a positive impact on critical website matrices and my next website traffic report should show some positive figures next time.

Till than Happy Blogging!