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eCloudbuddy is a self-hosted WordPress blog and I am using a premium WordPress theme to provide eCloudbuddy users with a good user experience.

Here are a few things to take care of while choosing a professional WordPress theme for your blog.

Choose A Responsive Theme

We are in 2015 and all search engines, including the big daddy of search Google is giving preference to websites with a User Interface and design which is cross device compatible, offering almost similar user experience across a desktop, tablet or smartphones.

A responsive theme ensures that your theme is optimized for a great performance across devices may it be a tablet, desktop of smartphone

Scan The Theme Files With An Antivirus Software To Check For Any Vulnerabilities

I have faced issues because of not doing this, where I had to suffer from website downtime due to some bug in the website theme that I purchased. I had to redo my entire website due to this. Scanning the files with a good antivirus will ensure that these kind of vulnerabilities don’t crop-up.

It’s also advised that you check the theme code as well for any spammy entries

Choose A Theme With Good Customization Features

While you are developing your blog, at times you will want to experiment with different type of content, like videos, pictures, infographics and charts apart from text.

For some posts and pages you might want to have a sidebar, in some you would want to go without it. You would also want to experiment with different font typefaces, fonts etc.

Having a theme which gives you an option to customize all these is always a plus.

Choose A Theme With Inbuilt plugins For Contact Form Creation, Google Maps and SEO

If you are creating a professional blog, you would want to ensure that it has a contact form using which your subscribers or anyone who wants to reach out to you can contact you.

You will also want that your business is correctly displayed on Google maps, so a built in Google maps plugin will come in handy.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) plugins help get your blog get more website traffic by optimizing your blog for search engines like Google and Bing. Doing SEO manually is a tedious process and using a plugin takes away most of this pain.

Choose a Theme With Good Reviews By WordPress Community

I recommend using a theme with good reviews from the WordPress users, as they must have already tried it and know about the pros and cons of a theme including bugs if any.

Always Check The After Support Service Methods

Now this is very critical for a new blogger, check out if a phone support is available, and other support options like chat, email and support forums, and check to ensure that you are getting a free support, if it’s a premium support you will need to pay for the support, which you would not want ideally.

Alright, so these were my recommendations on how to choose a WordPress theme for your blog or website. Please let me know if you found this post useful and if you have any feedback in the comments section below.