Alright, so you want to know how to make your content go viral ? You want to know the secret sauce to ensure your content gets thousands of hits. There are many posts on what works and why content goes viral, what I am going to do is to provide you with the tips and step by step process to get your content to fly in simple words. So here we go with our own cheat-sheet of making your content go viral.

1. Create content that instills hope

The content you create, may it be a YouTube video or a blog post should make your audience believe what you are saying, believe that it is doable, believe it is possible and believe that there is hope for them, may it be financial freedom, may it be getting more traffic or may it be their favorite team winning the world-cup. Install hope in people and they will pass-on your message and become the advocates for your brand, your FANS!

2. Create contagious sporadic content

Your content should be sporadic, which can be achieved by ensuing that it should contain the element from point 1 and it should be something a mass audience can relate or attach themselves to, may it be the national elections, miss world contest, a new Tom Cruise movie (I am a huge fan), the Oscars etc. Any content that has a mass appeal has a huge probability to go viral. An awesome video, a piece of article which stirs the emotions making people angry, a news making people anxious, new apple iPhone launch was one such event. Content of joy, lust or surprise, all have the great probability to go viral in them.

3. Positive vs. Negative

Your content should be focused on the right stuff, it should give people something to cheer, something that they can love, some piece of work that gives a smile to their lips, makes them sing and dance or again give them hope. It is statistically proven that positive content has more probability of going viral than negative. Remember the Coca-Cola reason to believe ad? Watch it below

4. Create useful meaningful content

Your content should be focused around meaningful stuff, your content should be useful for your audience, and people should be able to learn something or get a useful piece of information. Which pizza fan would not want to know “How to create a pizza exactly like the Dominos store?

5. Actionable content

Your work should get people to act. Start a movement, make changes in their lives.Create awesome stuff.   So, these are the elements which can make your content go viral, the “WHAT” is figured out. Do you have more to add to the above list? Let us know in your comments below. Also, we are coming up with our next post on step by step process to make your content go viral. The “How” of viral content. How to exactly get it done. We will soon be launching our e-book Viral Content Marketing 101. Write to us on to pre-book your copy today!