If you and your team have been forced to work remotely because of the Covid 19 situation, the below tips will definitely help you adapt quickly to the new norm of remote work.

The transition is not going to be easy for people who have no experiencing of working remotely before. But, you might discover a lot of unexpected benefits once you find the right workflow that works for you!. You will also find help from a lot of useful remote work tools available at your disposal.

With my experience of working remotely for several years now, the following best practices are the most effective:

  • Trust your team. Don’t try to micromanage. Don’t send the passive-aggressive “What are you working on right now?…” Slack messages.

    Instead, align with your team on the main goals, milestones, and deliverables and schedule regular check-ins.

    Those check-ins don’t even need to be synchronous or face-to-face. Instead, you can create a document for your team to fill out every week about the progress they made, their blockers, and next steps.

  • Create an internal wikiHaving a single source of truth can go a long way in preventive repetitive questions and empower your remote team members to get their work done independently.

  • Remote culture. It’s important to maintain a healthy company culture while you from home/ work remotely. Set clear expectations, be transparent. Add value and work together to achieve your team goals together.

  • Find the right communication tools. You may not get it right on the first try. Some remote work tools are shiny and popular but don’t set you up for success.

    In addition to your internal wiki (we are using Confluence), you will likely need an all-in-one collaboration app (we are using Rivers), for project management and time tracking too we are using Rivers, and probably a few more (screen sharing, video calling, etc.).

There is no single combination that works for every remote team, but there are definitely a lot of solutions to choose from.

Rivers is fairly new when compared to others like Slack, but it is powerful, feature-rich, and user friendly. You can try it from here Get Rivers

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