I am sure like most of the business owners, entrepreneurs, agencies forced to work from home due to the Coronavirus Pandemic, you too are working remotely.

If you were involved in managing the digital marketing team at your office or marketing agency, you may find yourself in a spot if you are not used to the remote work culture.

Managing the digital marketing team is itself a challenging role, doing it remotely has its own set of challenges.

You will need the right set of work at home or remote work tools to do it effectively.  You may face a new kind of pressure to train your team, redefine processes and standard operating procedures, and would also need to drill down on choosing a supportive technology to do all this efficiently.

Challenges of a Remote Digital Marketing Team Manager

Effective Communication

One of the most critical challenges a remote team faces is communication. In an office, it is easy to just walk to someone’s desk and give directions, may it be a creative brief or a quick review of a landing page, you will need to communicate effectively to get desired results. While working remotely you will need a tool using which you can provide feedback, collaborate in real-time, effortlessly.

Cross-functional Team Management

Keeping track of important conversations in cross-functional teams is critical. You don’t want yourself to be jumbled up in conversations of digital marketers, developers, designers, etc. at the same time. You will need a platform that can help you organize your teams and can help you be on top of everything.

Project and Task Management

If you are a digital marketing agency owner, or digital marketing manager, you are constantly working on different projects. You are also managing various important tasks daily, weekly or monthly which you need to keep a track of.
You need to assign, track and ensure timely delivery on your projects and tasks for your digital marketing efforts to pay off.

Managing Clients

As a digital marketing head, you may be required to frequently interact with clients, share progress reports and work with them on their new projects, etc. You will need tools that can help you achieve this objective.

Privacy and Security

While you work with your team, you would want to have a safe and private interaction, you would also want all the files, messages, reports and documents that you share with your team members are safe. You need a platform that is secure and where you can work privately with your team or your clients remotely.


A Unique Technology Solution – Rivers


You can use a unique platform like Rivers to effectively manage your digital marketing team remotely.

Rivers is simple to use, you just need to create a CUBE (their version of workspace), connect with your team and start working together.

Rivers is an award-winning, easy-to-use All-in-One Collaboration Platform where Teams Connect in Private and Safe Cubes, and Work more Effectively by organizing their activities and information in Topics and Channels. 

Rivers was Product Hunt’s Global Product of the Month and was nominated for the Golden Kitty Awards 2020 in the Remote Tools category. 

Rivers is a Social Collaboration Platform which you can use for your digital marketing agency or team.

Easily Invite  your teams in your Private Cubes by simply sending them an invite link using your messenger or by email and start getting things done in a few minutes.

Using Rivers you can connect your  teams on Cubes and start to collaborate and communicate effectively within your own private and safe community immediately.

Rivers enables you to organise your teams in controlled, private, and safe Cubes and perform countless activities and conversations using Private and Open Topics and Channels from an easy to use interface.  

Rivers offer you the freedom of using your favorite mobile device, web browser, or desktop at the same time while your information, files, media and messages are all fully synchronised across them. 

Rivers is as Easy as Whatsapp to use with functionalities that exceed Slack.

Top Rivers Features for Digital Marketing Teams:

Rivers: Create Cubes, Connect and Work

Cubes are equivalent to your Shared Digital Workplace, similar to your Office Building or Space. You can have controlled, private, safe, and organized activities and conversations inside Cubes utilizing Topics, Channels, Shared Media and Documents, and Task Management.

Create Limitless Communities

You can create your own community by adding up to 10,000 people in each Cube or use multiple Cubes to divide your teams into related functions and categories such as departments, subjects, projects, and more.

Collaborate Safely With Your Remote Digital Marketing Team Without Sharing Phone Numbers

Unlike WhatsApp, you can decide if you want to share your phone number or keep it private. But similar to Whatsapp all you need to create your community is their mobile numbers.

Shorter learning curve than other products like Slack

Get Started in Less than 60 Seconds. Its Intuitive Interface enables you to bring your team or entire marketing agency on Rivers in seconds using your mobile and without needing to know their emails.

Use Public and Private Topics and Channels

Organize the activities of your teams inside each Cube using Private, Public Topics and Channels to conduct limitless conversations. You can organize your Cube using Public or Private groups, teams, projects or Open Forums and even Secret Topics.

Channels are suitable for broadcasting, one-way communication, where you announce plans or share information and latest news to the participants.

Integrated Task Management at Cube and Topic Levels

Assign tasks to anyone in your team, set priorities, add time tracking, add comments and attachments to keep track of all critical tasks. Using this simple to use integrated Task Management system to track actions, meeting notes, and promises between team members.

Invite Your Clients as Guests

Invite unlimited number of Guests into your Cube with access to a limited number of private Topics or Channels. Extremely useful if you work with advisors, contract workers and outside clients. A Guest may be permitted to join one or multiple topics in a Cube. Guests won’t see other Topics unless invited to them. Furthermore, Guests can only see the list of participants in the Topic that they have been invited to.

Unparalleled Control using Advanced Admin, Access and Privacy Settings

  • Search at Cube and Topic Levels: Advanced search at Cube and Topic levels to easily find files and messages or search for anything quickly.
  • One to One Chats: Chat privately and real-time with anyone in your private community including your colleagues for a more personal connection.
  • Link Invite into Cubes: Invite a group easily to your Cube using a direct invite link using any messaging app or email.
  • Pin Topics in a Cube: Pin important and essential Topics on the top of a  Cube for ease of access or as a reminder.
  • Cube and Topic Level Notification Controls: Cube and Topic level notification controls help in focusing and keeping track of more important or urgent activities by allowing to Mute/Unmute Notifications from Topics or the entire Cube, which are lower priority or are on less relevant matters.
  • Star Messages and Files: Star messages and files to keep track of them and find them easily.
  • Transfer of Ownership both at Cube and Topic Levels: If creators of the Cube or Topic decide to  transfer their admin roles (without leaving them Cube or Topic) they can assign their role to other members. Cubes may have multiple Admins.
  • Revoke Admin Capability for Cube Creator: If the Cube Creator has assigned other admins for the Cube, they can revoke that access. This will provide the flexibility of assigning admins for short periods of times, when the main Admin is not available at work or when additional admins are needed on hectic days.

Cloud-Based Media, Documents and Link Sharing From  Multiple Devices

Rivers is a cloud-based platform that enables super-fast data transfer even for big files. You can quickly share media, documents and links with your team from any device, anytime. All your data including messages are synchronised across all your devices.


Message Delivery Information

Get the immediate status of your messages, if your message is delivered and read by all participants in a topic (or 1-to-1 chats). You can also see who amongst the topic members has read your messages and who has not.


Profile Information of Your Team              

Easily update your profile on Rivers for the benefit of your group and entire community. You can manage your preferences and app settings easily from the profile section.

Unlimited Integrations Using APIs and SDK

Work Seamlessly with Apps You Love. Rivers has a robust API that provide plug and play integration with many apps and enterprise platforms such as Github and Google Drive. 

Also, as a corporate social responsibility to the Covid-19 crisis, in order to support impacted business owners and their teams, Rivers is available with all its premium features without any charge for the next three months (at least for Q2-2020).

Navigating The Remote Work Landscape

Using a platform like Rivers can really transform your whole remote work experience and take it to new heights. You can better organize, manage and stay top of all of digital marketing projects and your entire digital marketing team or agency.