Hello everyone, after a lot of effort I have been able to generate my first dollar (this already happened 2 years back) my first completely automated first dollar online. And this is critical because, this income is coming from sides apart from my regular office paycheck.

This is also important because of the fact that if you want to gain financial freedom and become independent, you will need to create an automated and recurring income stream for yourself.

Here is what I did,

  1. Purchased an opt-in list
  2. Purchased an e-mail marketing platform
  3. Got the purchased list to opt-in to my mailing list
  4. Sent them a highly segmented and customized offer
  5. Optimized the campaign


Purchase the List

This was helped by my professional experience of working as a digital marketer, due to which I already knew where to purchase this list. For someone who is trying to do this the first time,

I suggest buying 4-5 small lists, test them for important matrices, like bounce, spam complaints etc. and then take a call on the final purchase, this list should not cost you more than $50 and the good thing is, you can target them any number of times as long as they don’t unsubscribe or mark you as SPAM for some reason.

Purchased an e-mail Marketing Platform

To shoot your e-mails and get them into your subscriber’s inbox very first time, you will need to buy an e-mail marketing platform. You can do a Google search and find them very easily, also here is a quick video created to help you with the process


Got the purchased list to opt-in to my mailing list

This is a very critical step of the process, you will need to do a lot of testing and optimization for this to work, and I receive constant enquiries in LinkedIn groups and personal messages where CEOs and marketing managers are still trying to solve this puzzle.


Here is my approach, I understand the list, understand the persona of the person who is going to receive my e-mail and try to send them a very personalized e-mail with a subtle request to opt-in to my list. This opt-in request contains a lot of value for the receiver and I try to optimize it further. I also, set-up a series of auto responders basis previous user actions, like open and delivered but did not read.

This ensures I get maximum response on my opt-in e-mail campaign.

Sent the opt-in list a highly segmented and customized offer

After the opt-in process is over, it was time to send the offer to the opt-in list.

And this requires a lot of time and patience, it took me around two months to optimize this to get the results I got. But once you have done the hard work, you can expect good results. For my list the offers which converted most were Website Hosting and eCommerce.


Quick Campaign Statistics 

Quick Campaign Statistics 
OPT-In Campaign
Emails Sent E-mails Delivered Emails Opened Clicks    
600000 540000 81000 8100
Offer Campaign
Emails Sent E-mails Delivered Emails Opened Clicks Sales Conversion
6000 6000 1260 126 6 4.76%


Income Proof for This Campaign


Clicks Report

clicks report

Earning Report

The advertising fees shown below is the earning from the campaign

conversion report