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eCloudbuddy Android App

Exciting News: eCloudbuddy Android App Is Live and Gaining Momentum

Hello everyone, we have reached mid-October and there is some exciting news I want to share with all of you.

eCloudbuddy app is live on the Google Play Store for you to download.

Download Now From The Google Play Store

This is special because this gives me an additional channel to connect with all of you. As a user, this also gives you access tothe latest posts immediately. I can also use this channel to market eCloudbuddy to a new audience.
I also want to thank Abhishek without whom this app would not be as feature-rich and stable as it is right now.

You can also connect with him on LinkedIn here Abhishek’s Linkedin Profile

Abhishek is critical to the future developments of this application and holds a lot of promise to become a professional mobile developer.

Abhishek’s ability to understand user requirements, do a thorough research and convert those requirements into functional working modules and applications make him a must have for any teams who want a developer with a linear and logical approach to app development delivered within project timelines.

I wish Abhishek all the very best for his future projects.


Here are some noticeable features of eCloudbuddy App.

1. Material Design and Offline Content

ecloudbuddy homescreenMaterial design ensures eCloudbuddy users get a great user experience and offline content availability ensures that eCloudbuddy users can read useful content even without an internet connection.


2. Push Notification Enabled

Push notification ensures that you are always updated about the latest happenings with the eCloudbuddy blog and any new posts that I publish.

3. Instant Enquiry Form

In case you want to reach us with any enquires, you can use the “Contact Us” section and send an instant enquiry to us.


4. User Friendly Design and Navigation

eCloudbuddy app has been developed keeping you in mind. We are still working to make the design and navigation better in the coming builds.

eCloudbuddy has already been downloaded by more than 40+ users and we have got 22 positive reviews for the app. We are also getting a good amount of visits from eCloudbuddy app visitors since its launch.

This also helped me understand the basic principles of Android Store Optimization (ASO) which is critical for any app to become a blockbuster in the Play Store.

eCloudbuddy App Reviews

You can download eCloudbuddy android app from here.

Download Now From The Google Play Store

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