If you are working in an organization which involves dealing with numbers and data, I am sure you are using MS EXCEL very frequently. Below are a few tips from my experience of more than 7 years of using MS Excel. Hope you like it.

Move From One Sheet To Another In A Workbook

If you are working with multiple sheets in a worksheet, this shortcut will come in handy, you have to simply use CTRL+PAGE UP or CTRL+ PAGE Down to move between sheets.

Apply Filter On A Cell In an Excel Sheet

excel filter example

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Applying a filter is again a very common operation in MS Excel and comes at top of our Excel Shortcuts list. If you have to apply a filter on a cell to perform a filter, you can use the excel shortcut Ctrl+Shift+L keys on your keyboard to apply a filter on a cell without using your mouse or touchpad.

excel filter dropdown

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Open The Filter Dropdown Options

Once you have applied the filter the usual next step is to select the options from the filter dropdown, you can use Alt+Down Arrow key to do this as shown in the screenshot below.

excel filter dropdown

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Go To A Cell In Excel Sheet

This comes in handy when you are working with a large sheet, with a lot of data in it. Use the F5 function key and type the cell row and column number and hit enter to reach the specified cell. The screenshot shows how we can go to the cell B21 by typing the column and row number in the reference field.

excel F5 shortcut

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Shortcut To Highlight A Row Or Column

Using Shift + Spacebar you can select a row in an excel sheet and CTRL+SPACEBAR to select a column. This is one of the most commonly used excel shortcuts.

Shortcut Key to Add or Delete a Row or Column

Once you have highlighted a Row or a Column in excel sheet you can use Ctrl+ or Ctrl- to add or delete a row or column


How To Find a Shortcut Key for Most Operations

Use Alt key to know excel shortcuts for performing most of the tasks in excel
See the screenshot below where using the ALT and then pressing H key all the major shortcut keys are getting highlighted. Example: USE ALT, H, FP to enable “FORMAT PAINTER”

shortcut excel

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All right this was our list of some cool excel shortcuts, do you want to tell us about a few cool ones which we might have missed out?

Let us know in the comments below and do read our next post Top Used Excel Functions By The Professionals