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August, 2015

  • 23 August

    5 Ways To Keep Yourself Motivated Towards Your Blog

    Hello everyone, It’s 12.39 AM and a Tuesday morning is about to begin. I could not sleep, I could not sleep because I was feeling a little restless, a little anxious due to things not working out the way I planned for myself. So, it was important to get things ...

  • 19 August

    5 Sureshot Ultimate Ways to Make Money Online

    make money online

    AFFILIATE MARKETING This is the ultimate way to make money online, I am endorsing it because this is the second best sources of my income and is the top sources of my online income. Affiliate Marketing is simple to learn but if you spend your time and go through the ...

  • 18 August

    How to Tweet or Post without an Internet Connection on Your Phone

    social media marketing tips

    Facebook and twitter are two most popular social networking websites today. How convenient it would be for you if you could stay connected with it every now and then even without an internet connection by your mobile phone. Let’s learn how you can do it one by one. How to ...

  • 8 August

    Sahifa Best WordPress Theme For Your Blog

    Sahifa - Responsive WordPress News, Magazine, Blog Theme

    Hello everyone, Hope you are fantastic and enjoying your weekend. I have completely revamped the eCloudbuddy website theme and still workingon making it better. There are some cool design changes coming soon. If you are considering to create a blog and are in a decision-making process about which platform to… ...

  • 5 August

    Website Traffic Report for July 2015

    Website Traffic Report

    Hello everyone, Things are shaping up well, while we are building up towards bringing meaningful traffic on eCloudbuddy. This is evident by the reduction in website bounce rate. In comparison to my June 2015 website traffic, Page views show considerable improvement, when you look at visitor to pageviews matrix, signifying ...

  • 3 August

    Cool Excel Shortcuts to Use It Like a Boss

    Cool Excel Shortcuts To Use It Like A Boss

    If you are working in an organization which involves dealing with numbers and data, I am sure you are using MS EXCEL very frequently. Below are a few tips from my experience of more than 7 years of using MS Excel. Hope you like it. Move From One Sheet To ...

July, 2015

  • 27 July

    7 Best Tips For You Before Windows 10 Upgrade


    Windows 10, the final version of Windows operating system from Microsoft after which we will only have one WINDOWS will be available to consumers on 29th July 2015 (Source: Microsoft), Yes, it’s that near!, Here is a list of things you should do on your PC to make sure you ...

  • 26 July

    How to Choose a Professional WordPress Theme for Your Blog


    Hello Everyone, I hope you are doing fantastic, chasing your dreams and are achieving great success in the pursuit. eCloudbuddy is a self-hosted WordPress blog and I am using a premium WordPress theme to provide eCloudbuddy users with a good user experience. Here are a few things to take care ...

  • 22 July

    How I Reduced My Website Bounce Rate from 90% to Below 65% within 2 Weeks

    How To Reduce Website Bounce Rate

    Hello Everyone, This post is a bit late on schedule, i got a little tied up with sorting out a few things and i’ll update about them too soon, and this is also a follow up post from my last post Website Traffic Report For eCloudbuddy From Jan 2015-June 2015 Anyone ...

  • 11 July

    Why Do We Fail- Failure Decoded

    Why do we fail?

    In life, everyone of us fails at some point at something. We have many articles, many quotes on success and some on failure too. I was going through some posts on How to Get Good Traffic To Your Blog and following on what I read, I decided to create an ...