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April, 2020

  • 12 April

    How To Effectively Manage Your Digital Marketing Team Remotely

    Remote Digital Marketing Team

    I am sure like most of the business owners, entrepreneurs, agencies forced to work from home due to the Coronavirus Pandemic, you too are working remotely. If you were involved in managing the digital marketing team at your office or marketing agency, you may find yourself in a spot if ...

April, 2016

  • 26 April

    A Simple Yet Effective Content Marketing Strategy – Asking Questions

    Content Marketing Strategy - Asking Questions

    In 2016, Any marketing plan will be termed incomplete, if it does not include a solid content marketing plan and that’s why an effective content marketing strategy should always be a part of your digital marketing plan. Let me back the above fact through the below statistics provided by content ...

February, 2016

  • 24 February

    Shh..Neil Patel Gave Me His Secret Blogging Weapons

    If you are a blogger or, if you plan to be one some day, Neil Patel is someone who needs no introduction to. He is the founder of Crazyegg and Kissmetrics both multi million dollar SAAS businesses. In this post I am sharing awesome blogging tips and tools (or THE ...

January, 2016

  • 15 January

    Three Critical Email Marketing Matrices Every Blogger Must Monitor

    Three Critical Email Marketing Matrices Every Blogger Must Monitor

    Email Marketing is the most popular digital marketing channel used by bloggers and marketers in organizations small and large alike. In fact it is usually the part of every digital marketing plan a marketing team comes up with. For a blogger, email marketing is one of the most important channels to ...

November, 2015

  • 24 November

    10 Things You Must Do After Writing Your Blog Post

    10 Things You Must Do After Writing Your Blog Post

    So you have written your amazing blog post. And you have also saved its draft on your favorite blogging platform. Now if your goal is just to write for yourself and you don’t care about traffic to your blog, you will still find this post useful. 1. Check Your Post ...

  • 22 November

    How to Choose An EMail Service Provider For Your Business

    how to choose an email service provider

    This is a short video that i created sometime back to help organizations choose an e-mail service provider with ease. This video can help you create your strategy on how to shortlist the right e-mail marketing service provider for your business. Choosing the right email service provider is critical to ...

  • 10 November

    A Marketing Cloud Alternative for Startups? Really?

    marketing cloud for startups

      Before I begin unfolding this, let us understand what a Marketing Cloud really is. According to Wikipedia “Cloud marketing is the process of an organization’s efforts to market their goods and services online through integrated digital experiences, by which they are specialized for every single end user.” According to my understanding, a ...

October, 2015

  • 12 October

    Exciting News: eCloudbuddy Android App Is Live and Gaining Momentum

    eCloudbuddy Android App

    Hello everyone, we have reached mid-October and there is some exciting news I want to share with all of you. eCloudbuddy app is live on the Google Play Store for you to download. Download Now From The Google Play Store This is special because this gives me an additional channel ...

  • 3 October

    How I Earned My Completely Automated First Dollar Online

    Hello everyone, after a lot of effort I have been able to generate my first dollar (this already happened 2 years back) my first completely automated first dollar online. And this is critical because, this income is coming from sides apart from my regular office paycheck. This is also important ...

August, 2015

  • 24 August

    How to Start E-mail Marketing from Scratch

    how to start e-mail marketing

    If you are already running an organization with multiple marketing channels, I have no doubt in my mind that you must be using e-mail marketing. If you are a start-up still working on building up your marketing strategy, e-mail marketing is one of the first marketing channels I want to ...