Best SEO Tips For Beginners  by eCloudbuddy

Almost every other month Google the big daddy of search engines, launches a new update and disrupts the website rankings, the most recent one being Hummingbird. In such a volatile and highly competitive universe of internet marketing it becomes even more important that we always have our basics right.

Content is still the king of this universe

A piece of quality content combined with other right set of  SEO elements can ensure that you will still be ranking higher, getting the relevant website traffic and finally getting to your conversion goals.

Content that is meaningful, hits the right chord with the audience, so it’s important to make pages and write quality content keeping your audience in mind

Create a user friendly website

Talking of user friendly websites, we cannot ignore the role of mobile devices and tablets in search marketing today.

Website audience is now consuming more and more content on their iPads and Android smartphones than their PCs and desktop, we as internet marketers have to ensure that necessary changes are made to ensure that your website is optimized for mobile.

The content on the website should be clear and precise, it should neither be too much that a user loses interest in it nor too little to miss out on important information.

Define your objectives and understand your audience

You have to put yourself in your customer’s shoes and understand their needs, why they visited your website, how was their website experience and did they get what they were looking for?

If the answer to any of the above questions is resulting in user dissatisfaction, you need to make changes in your SEO strategy.

Test! Test! Test!

It’s important to keep testing the various elements of your website on critical matrices like, Number of Visitors, Number of Returning Visitors.  CTR (Click through rate) and Conversions.

You have to test different types of CTA (Call to action) against each other and see which ones resulted in a better CTR.

Search engine friendly website design

You can ensure that your website is search engine friendly by ensuring that content on your website is easily indexed, the images on your website have their corresponding “alt tags” assigned in their respective HTML’s.

You should also use tools like “Google Cache” to check what content is being indexed by Google and what is not.

Keywords are the keys

One of the most fundamental element of SEO is the “Keyword”. Keywords are the first bricks of search.

A search engine returns result to an end user basis their queries and websites which have the relevant keywords will display higher in the returned results and the search engine uses this data to further decide upon the website quality scores and other related matrices.

One last key advice for the SEO marketers, you have to be innovative and adaptable to change at all times and be smart in your decision making to get right results from your search marketing efforts.

Keep watching this space for our next post on “SEO trends in 2013”