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In eCloudbuddy review of best antivirus software for March 2014, we have picked up McAfee® as one of the most sophisticated, pro-active and advanced protection against the growing threats of viruses, spywares, trojan attacks or identity thefts.

McAfee® leaves other antivirus software behind in the race of best antivirus software because of the below mentioned features.

1. McAfee® requires less hard-drive space in comparison to other antivirus software

2. McAfee® consumes less system resources hence ensuring no system freezes or slow system start or shutdown

3. McAfee® has a very strong firewall built-in which ensures pro-active protection

4. McAfee® has a very friendly user interface and easy to access panel

5. McAfee® scan is fast and very effective.

6. McAfee® virus definition database is updated on a daily basis from the McAfee® servers.

7.McAfee® has tailored its solution for both home users and enterprises

Why should you install only best antivirus McAfee®

1. To keep yourself protected against rootkits, malware, spyware or deadly viruses.

2. To ensure you have a secure browsing experience free from any security breach on your computer

3. To ensure your e-mail is protected against any spyware or spam

4. To ensure your wireless connection stays secure from any hacker’s eyes.

5. To enjoy the benefits of superior technology offered by McAfee® Active ProtectionTM and NetguardTM

6. To enjoy the benefits of privacy protection and PC Tune-Up tools that come bundled with the software.

7. And because it doesn’t impact system performance adversely.

eCloudbuddy recommends to install only the best antivirus software on your PC and we will review other top antivirus software in our upcoming posts.

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Secure your PC today installing

McAfee® .