eCloudbuddy came into existence in the year 2011.

I wanted to experiment with WordPress and that is how the idea of buying a domain and getting it converted into a website came into my mind. I was working in a pressure cooker environment at my office with no headspace whatsoever to think about anything else but work, work and more work!! Not a good thing, never a good thing at all, Like anyone working in a corporate set up I was ambitious to move up the corporate ladder.

This was the time when I started experimenting with blogging, WordPress, hosting etc. The online marketing lingo was not in my head at that time. But then fortunately, there was a role change for me at my workplace and I moved to an entirely new domain, product marketing, and from there I have not looked back, it started with understanding customer life cycles, segmentation, targeting, positioning of brand, go to markets, e-mail marketing, CTR open rates, SPAM rates, SEO, SEM, AFFILIATE MARKETING, PPC, Lead Generation, Social Media marketing and I haven’t stopped since then.

Each day I am spending quality time understanding what works and what does not in the digital world, what brings traffic to your web properties, how can you predict revenue for your organization, what landing pages work for you, what are the hidden tools fortune 500 organizations are using to dominate the digital space.

What we are about is, having a lot of fun, learning and helping our readers out with our expertise and knowledge.

What’s unique about us is we are learning each day and are still willing to take on new challenges while doing so without being afraid of failure.

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