motiHello everyone,

It’s 12.39 AM and a Tuesday morning is about to begin. I could not sleep, I could not sleep because I was feeling a little restless, a little anxious due to things not working out the way I planned for myself.

So, it was important to get things right again. It was important to analyze what I am doing wrong and also analyze thing which I should be doing that I am not doing.

Here is what I think is wrong with my approach.

1. I am focussing on too many things at the same time.
2. I am not managing important things in a better way including time.
3. I am procrastinating
4. I am not able to maintain a work and life balance
5. I am expecting results too early.

In my journey as a blogger, this has happened quite a few times, but only one thing remained constant on this journey, that I persisted with it, and I think this is also a very important attribute of my character, perseverance.

Now that I have analyzed what is wrong with my approach or what is missing, I think I am in a better state of mind to again start putting in the efforts.

I plan to again create useful content for ecloudbuddy followers and visitors this month and I’ll ensure I have a constant flow of good posts in September.

I also plan to finish some old post series that I started on email marketing.

Let’s hustle again.

Best wishes to everyone with a dream.