This is the ultimate way to make money online, I am endorsing it because this is the second best sources of my income and is the top sources of my online income.

Affiliate Marketing is simple to learn but if you spend your time and go through the right resources, do the product analysis and join the right affiliate networks in your niche, this is surely going to payoff in big ways.

If I have to define Affiliate Marketing in one sentence I would say “It is a marketing channel where publishers promote advertiser’s products and services and take a cut for mutually agreed action taken which could be a view, click, install, download or sale.

I am creating a tutorial series on “Learn Affiliate Marketing from Scratch” and will keep everyone posted as soon as the first post is out.




This definitely works, takes a lot of effort to start if you are working as an individual and requires a lot of patience. My advice to a budding blogger, or someone looking to monetize their blogs is,

1. Be really passionate about your blog and writing.
2. Always focus on providing value to your website visitors, rest will take care of itself (YES! Money Too!!)
3. Promote your blog
4. Try to automate and outsource most of the less productive stuff, using tools and economic resources.


E-commerce is slated to be more than 30 Trillion dollar business by 2020. It’s no secret how much amazon and e-bay make doing just that. Even if you start off an amazon or eBay store, after learning a bit about how these platforms work for sellers, you will be raking in good amount pretty soon.

Good thing about these networks is, they already have the first thing sorted out for you that is people looking to make a purchase.
Drop shipping is a business model to support your e-commerce line of business, drop shipping simply means


Are you good at a particular skill? Do you think you are a good advisor and can bail someone out in need? Can you get SEO done or maybe get website traffic or advise on how to set-up a network? If your answer is yes to any of the questions above, you can easily start an online consulting business of your own.
You can easily set-up a website using WordPress and then highlight your skills as services you have on offer, promote your website and yourself like a seasoned marketer.


You can take advantage of online advertising, you can use Facebook ads, free Bing and Google ad credits for starters to generate some buzz and then focus on economical online marketing channels like SEO, Social Media Marketing, and e-mail marketing to promote yourself online.


Are you good at writing? Are you good at story telling? Great! Fantastic, there are still great followers and people willing to read great stuff, people eager to listen to your story.

And now when amazon and Google has given you great platforms to become a self-publishing author. This is the right time to get your long-awaited secret done.

Publish your story and promote it well. Build an audience and then enjoy the royalty. And I am sure, because you like writing, you like storytelling, I don’t have to say it requires patience and hard work, because you are doing something you like.


Ok, so this was post 1 of our 5 Sureshot Ultimate Ways to Make Money Online. Just a small disclaimer, these are strategies that have worked and are proven to work, but there are no shortcuts, you have to work hard, learn and optimize to perfect and start making an income from it.

In our next post we will discuss some more ways to make money online. Here is what we will be covering next.

  1. Usability-testing
  2. App Monetization
  3. White labeling and Reselling
  4. Freelancing Networks
  5. Become A YouTube Star

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