I know it’s hard to resist the temptation of getting your hands on a new sensation like the Apple iPhone 6 or the new XBOX/PLAYSTATION gaming console. All these being fab, trendy devices always have huge expectation & hype around them.

But it’s wise to delay your purchase of these devices by at least a week or fortnight (Only if you can resist the temptation).

Below are the 5 reasons why you should delay your next product purchase:

User Feedback & Expert Reviews

Like anyone else you don’t know about the shortcomings of the new device, it’s always better to have enough user feedback and hands-on reviews by experts to make a final purchase decision.

Better Price Availability

This is also a great online shopping tip. Due to the manufacturer-distributor-reseller relationships, a consumer has a good chance of getting a better deal post a week or two when the products are available with the whole-sellers, resellers, e-commerce vendors[WU1] in bulk and they are willing to share the bulk discount margins with the consumers.

Customized Accessories

It is worth waiting a few weeks after the product launch because accessory manufacturers are able to get the products and create new accessories around them. You might not be able to get a good Apple iPhone6 case just the day it was launched, but wait for a few weeks and you will get a great deal at a good price.

Software Updates

New device hardware most of the times is followed by software incompatibility and other malfunctions, though the major hardware manufacturers do rigorous testing to prevent this but still there have been numerous cases where a new phone/laptop was found having issues such as browser malfunction, unable to connect to Wi-Fi, unexpected shutdowns etc.
Original Equipment Manufacturers usually address this as soon as a third party application manufacturer provide this feedback to them after making required changes at their end.

Avoid Apps Malfunction

App developers create new apps optimized for the device hardware like resolution, pixel density, ram etc. to provide the end user with the best user experience. These apps are also rolled out only a few weeks post the product launch after getting enough user feedback and testing from the end user.

To conclude, I want to add it is better to delay your product purchase then to risk your hard earned money. It’s also worth waiting due to the fact that there is too much competition in the marketplace which drives the product/product accessory price down post a few weeks of product launch.

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