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10 things to do when your article gets rejected
10 things to do when your article gets rejected

10 Things To Do When Your Article Gets Rejected by TechCrunch

Before I begin this post I want to clarify that the purpose of this post is not to badmouth TechCrunch, the reason I am writing this post is to help new bloggers and writing enthusiasts in their early days where there could be lot of rejection from publishers and websites and it’s easy to feel dejected.

Ok so I am sure you must have got an idea from the headline that my post didn’t make it to the TechCrunch published guest post lists.

So here are the 10 things that I did (which every one of you could do as well) when even after two weeks of submitting my post to TechCrunch it didn’t get featured.

Wrote this post

I thought it’s a good idea to write this post to help others and let everyone know my side of story and how I kept moving forward towards writing better, meaningful content.

Read Supporting Articles on How to Get Featured on TechCrunch

While I waited for a few days after submitting my article to TechCrunch and grew a little impatient looking at my e-mails waiting for some correspondence which I never received, I decided to check if there is any alternative and swifter way to get featured.

Below are a few resources which could help you get featured sooner rather than later. I’ll be again submitting a new post adopting the strategies suggested in the below resources and will update everyone about the success rate or if it worked or not.


How can one go about submitting guest posts to major blogs like Techcrunch or Mashable

How do you submit a post to be published on TechCrunch

Published My TechCrunch Rejected Article On eCloudbuddy

After waiting for a period of 2 weeks I decided to publish it on my blog eCloudbuddy. This has helped my website gain more traction visible through increased website traffic and improvement in search engine rankings. You can also read it here

5 Reasons Why Delaying Your Next Product Purchase is a Good Idea

Researched Writers on Major Technology Blogs

I have also started researching various writers and editors on major technology blogs and also started following them on Twitter. This helps me keep updated about any new articles or posts they write, understand their writing style and topics and trends they are writing on. I believe this should further help while I am writing a new post with an end goal of getting featured on a major technology blog.

Gathered Feedback from Closed ones

I also gathered feedback from a few close friends and family members and asked them to critique the post that I wrote, one important feedback was that the article does not fall in the genre that the TechCrunch website is about another one being that it was a generic article. I’ll keep this in mind while I submit my next article.

Gathered feedback from people who follow my posts

I also got some comments from a few people who read my post and seemed to have liked it, the post was also liked on Facebook and a few users also shared it.

I thank them for their likes, comments and valuable feedback and want to let them know it matters and fuels me up to keep moving forward.

Remained Calm and Focused on Writing Great & Helpful Content

I relooked at my editorial calendar and I have decided to increase my turn around time in producing quality content for eCloudbuddy visitors.

Also, I am willing to pay content writers for original, great articles, whitepapers and info-graphics in the Information Technology, internet and e-commerce segment.

Please write to us at support@ecloudbuddy.com with a short profile about yourself and we can start off right away on mutually agreeable terms.

Decided to Submit New Articles to Other Article Submission Websites of my Niche

I have also made up my mind to submit my article to great article submission directories to get more eyeballs and in turn more quality visitor’s eCloudbuddy.

Remained motivated towards writing

After a few days of restlessness and getting impatient I stopped expecting and started focusing on writing quality content and I am sure by staying motivated towards it I can deliver quality content which adds value for eCloudbuddy visitors.

Ok, so I have written the 9 things I did, I am leaving the last thing I should do open for all of you, please write your valuable suggestions in the comments below or e-mail it to support@ecloudbuddy.com

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