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How to get your team to work effectively while you are working remotely?

If you and your team have been forced to work remotely because of the Covid 19 situation, the below tips will definitely help you adapt quickly to the new norm of remote work.

The transition is not going to be easy for people who have no experiencing of working remotely before. But, you might discover a lot of unexpected benefits once you find the right workflow that works for you!. You will also find help from a lot of useful remote work tools available at your disposal.

With my experience of working remotely for several years now, the following best practices are the most effective:

  • Trust your team. Don’t try to micromanage. Don’t send the passive-aggressive “What are you working on right now?…” Slack messages.

    Instead, align with your team on the main goals, milestones, and deliverables and schedule regular check-ins.

    Those check-ins don’t even need to be synchronous or face-to-face. Instead, you can create a document for your team to fill out every week about the progress they made, their blockers, and next steps.

  • Create an internal wikiHaving a single source of truth can go a long way in preventive repetitive questions and empower your remote team members to get their work done independently.

  • Remote culture. It’s important to maintain a healthy company culture while you from home/ work remotely. Set clear expectations, be transparent. Add value and work together to achieve your team goals together.

  • Find the right communication tools. You may not get it right on the first try. Some remote work tools are shiny and popular but don’t set you up for success.

    In addition to your internal wiki (we are using Confluence), you will likely need an all-in-one collaboration app (we are using Rivers), for project management and time tracking too we are using Rivers, and probably a few more (screen sharing, video calling, etc.).

There is no single combination that works for every remote team, but there are definitely a lot of solutions to choose from.

Rivers is fairly new when compared to others like Slack, but it is powerful, feature-rich, and user friendly. You can try it from here Get Rivers

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Remote Digital Marketing Team

How To Effectively Manage Your Digital Marketing Team Remotely

I am sure like most of the business owners, entrepreneurs, agencies forced to work from home due to the Coronavirus Pandemic, you too are working remotely.

If you were involved in managing the digital marketing team at your office or marketing agency, you may find yourself in a spot if you are not used to the remote work culture.

Managing the digital marketing team is itself a challenging role, doing it remotely has its own set of challenges.

You will need the right set of work at home or remote work tools to do it effectively.  You may face a new kind of pressure to train your team, redefine processes and standard operating procedures, and would also need to drill down on choosing a supportive technology to do all this efficiently.

Challenges of a Remote Digital Marketing Team Manager

Effective Communication

One of the most critical challenges a remote team faces is communication. In an office, it is easy to just walk to someone’s desk and give directions, may it be a creative brief or a quick review of a landing page, you will need to communicate effectively to get desired results. While working remotely you will need a tool using which you can provide feedback, collaborate in real-time, effortlessly.

Cross-functional Team Management

Keeping track of important conversations in cross-functional teams is critical. You don’t want yourself to be jumbled up in conversations of digital marketers, developers, designers, etc. at the same time. You will need a platform that can help you organize your teams and can help you be on top of everything.

Project and Task Management

If you are a digital marketing agency owner, or digital marketing manager, you are constantly working on different projects. You are also managing various important tasks daily, weekly or monthly which you need to keep a track of.
You need to assign, track and ensure timely delivery on your projects and tasks for your digital marketing efforts to pay off.

Managing Clients

As a digital marketing head, you may be required to frequently interact with clients, share progress reports and work with them on their new projects, etc. You will need tools that can help you achieve this objective.

Privacy and Security

While you work with your team, you would want to have a safe and private interaction, you would also want all the files, messages, reports and documents that you share with your team members are safe. You need a platform that is secure and where you can work privately with your team or your clients remotely.


A Unique Technology Solution – Rivers


You can use a unique platform like Rivers to effectively manage your digital marketing team remotely.

Rivers is simple to use, you just need to create a CUBE (their version of workspace), connect with your team and start working together.

Rivers is an award-winning, easy-to-use All-in-One Collaboration Platform where Teams Connect in Private and Safe Cubes, and Work more Effectively by organizing their activities and information in Topics and Channels. 

Rivers was Product Hunt’s Global Product of the Month and was nominated for the Golden Kitty Awards 2020 in the Remote Tools category. 

Rivers is a Social Collaboration Platform which you can use for your digital marketing agency or team.

Easily Invite  your teams in your Private Cubes by simply sending them an invite link using your messenger or by email and start getting things done in a few minutes.

Using Rivers you can connect your  teams on Cubes and start to collaborate and communicate effectively within your own private and safe community immediately.

Rivers enables you to organise your teams in controlled, private, and safe Cubes and perform countless activities and conversations using Private and Open Topics and Channels from an easy to use interface.  

Rivers offer you the freedom of using your favorite mobile device, web browser, or desktop at the same time while your information, files, media and messages are all fully synchronised across them. 

Rivers is as Easy as Whatsapp to use with functionalities that exceed Slack.

Top Rivers Features for Digital Marketing Teams:

Rivers: Create Cubes, Connect and Work

Cubes are equivalent to your Shared Digital Workplace, similar to your Office Building or Space. You can have controlled, private, safe, and organized activities and conversations inside Cubes utilizing Topics, Channels, Shared Media and Documents, and Task Management.

Create Limitless Communities

You can create your own community by adding up to 10,000 people in each Cube or use multiple Cubes to divide your teams into related functions and categories such as departments, subjects, projects, and more.

Collaborate Safely With Your Remote Digital Marketing Team Without Sharing Phone Numbers

Unlike WhatsApp, you can decide if you want to share your phone number or keep it private. But similar to Whatsapp all you need to create your community is their mobile numbers.

Shorter learning curve than other products like Slack

Get Started in Less than 60 Seconds. Its Intuitive Interface enables you to bring your team or entire marketing agency on Rivers in seconds using your mobile and without needing to know their emails.

Use Public and Private Topics and Channels

Organize the activities of your teams inside each Cube using Private, Public Topics and Channels to conduct limitless conversations. You can organize your Cube using Public or Private groups, teams, projects or Open Forums and even Secret Topics.

Channels are suitable for broadcasting, one-way communication, where you announce plans or share information and latest news to the participants.

Integrated Task Management at Cube and Topic Levels

Assign tasks to anyone in your team, set priorities, add time tracking, add comments and attachments to keep track of all critical tasks. Using this simple to use integrated Task Management system to track actions, meeting notes, and promises between team members.

Invite Your Clients as Guests

Invite unlimited number of Guests into your Cube with access to a limited number of private Topics or Channels. Extremely useful if you work with advisors, contract workers and outside clients. A Guest may be permitted to join one or multiple topics in a Cube. Guests won’t see other Topics unless invited to them. Furthermore, Guests can only see the list of participants in the Topic that they have been invited to.

Unparalleled Control using Advanced Admin, Access and Privacy Settings

  • Search at Cube and Topic Levels: Advanced search at Cube and Topic levels to easily find files and messages or search for anything quickly.
  • One to One Chats: Chat privately and real-time with anyone in your private community including your colleagues for a more personal connection.
  • Link Invite into Cubes: Invite a group easily to your Cube using a direct invite link using any messaging app or email.
  • Pin Topics in a Cube: Pin important and essential Topics on the top of a  Cube for ease of access or as a reminder.
  • Cube and Topic Level Notification Controls: Cube and Topic level notification controls help in focusing and keeping track of more important or urgent activities by allowing to Mute/Unmute Notifications from Topics or the entire Cube, which are lower priority or are on less relevant matters.
  • Star Messages and Files: Star messages and files to keep track of them and find them easily.
  • Transfer of Ownership both at Cube and Topic Levels: If creators of the Cube or Topic decide to  transfer their admin roles (without leaving them Cube or Topic) they can assign their role to other members. Cubes may have multiple Admins.
  • Revoke Admin Capability for Cube Creator: If the Cube Creator has assigned other admins for the Cube, they can revoke that access. This will provide the flexibility of assigning admins for short periods of times, when the main Admin is not available at work or when additional admins are needed on hectic days.

Cloud-Based Media, Documents and Link Sharing From  Multiple Devices

Rivers is a cloud-based platform that enables super-fast data transfer even for big files. You can quickly share media, documents and links with your team from any device, anytime. All your data including messages are synchronised across all your devices.


Message Delivery Information

Get the immediate status of your messages, if your message is delivered and read by all participants in a topic (or 1-to-1 chats). You can also see who amongst the topic members has read your messages and who has not.


Profile Information of Your Team              

Easily update your profile on Rivers for the benefit of your group and entire community. You can manage your preferences and app settings easily from the profile section.

Unlimited Integrations Using APIs and SDK

Work Seamlessly with Apps You Love. Rivers has a robust API that provide plug and play integration with many apps and enterprise platforms such as Github and Google Drive. 

Also, as a corporate social responsibility to the Covid-19 crisis, in order to support impacted business owners and their teams, Rivers is available with all its premium features without any charge for the next three months (at least for Q2-2020).

Navigating The Remote Work Landscape

Using a platform like Rivers can really transform your whole remote work experience and take it to new heights. You can better organize, manage and stay top of all of digital marketing projects and your entire digital marketing team or agency.


A Simple Yet Effective Content Marketing Strategy – Asking Questions

In 2016, Any marketing plan will be termed incomplete, if it does not include a solid content marketing plan and that’s why an effective content marketing strategy should always be a part of your digital marketing plan.

Let me back the above fact through the below statistics provided by content marketing institute.

“88% of B2B marketers currently use content marketing as part of their marketing strategy” Source

“37% of B2C Marketers Have A Documented Content Marketing Strategy” Source

Given the importance of content marketing for all industries alike, I want to talk about asking questions as a content marketing strategy. It is an easy to implement strategy and very effective.

The best example of website utilizing this strategy is Quora. There are probably millions of questions on Quora, with even more number of answers.

Look at the below screenshot for a “content marketing” term search, there are 2.6k questions on this topic alone and more than 31.4k followers.

Quora example eCloudbuddy

Asking questions can be an effective marketing strategy, if you use it strategically.

If I have to simplify it, here is the flow,

1.  Ask a question

2.  Let others try to answer.

3.  Let the conversation build up and engage.

4.  Introduce your product/service spinned around the context of the question.

5.  Repeat at other channels.

Simple right? Let me explain each one of the steps in more details along with a few interesting facts.

Ask A Question

A few years ago I noticed a post “Is Email marketing dead? This question itself created a lot of storm, because it was a controversial question, many marketers got involved with their individual opinions and takes.

A Google search for an exact match term “is email marketing dead” still fetches more than 57,000,00 search results.

Check it out below

google search example eCloudbuddy


Let Others Try to Answer

This one is simple, you have stirred the controversy or you have poked everyone with a raging problem through your questions.

Now, you just have to wait, watch and analyze. You have to wait for the answers to start pouring in, you have to then watch how other people react to the answers posted. Once you have done this, you are just waiting for the right moment to join the discussion.


Let The Conversation Build Up

Once you have received a few good responses, you can then try to ask further questions related to the responses, or, add your opinions and thoughts to the answers provided by others earlier. This helps build up the conversation flow and helps garner more attention from others.


Introduce Your Product/Service Spun With The Context Of The Question.

Once you have got a good number of responses, you can then try to introduce your product or service in a very subtle way.

Here is an example from one of the LinkedIn groups I am a member of, though the question itself makes it easy to pitch in the product/service, still you can check how people are easily pitching in their services and recommendations.

It’s an easy opportunity for someone who offers related email marketing services to pitch in their product or service.


content marketing strategy LinkedIn example eCloudbuddy

Let us look at a few other examples, this one from Quora is again an easy one to nail.

If you have related product or services, you can easily pitch them.

content marketing strategy example Quora

So, with the above example, I am sure that you will get the idea of how you can ask a question and build up a discussion.

To do your research, or I can better say, to find answer worthy questions, you can go to forums and discussion boards in your niche and look at questions, which have previously got a lot of attention and then tweak them to create your own.

Repeat at other channels

Once you have tried the above strategy on one of the channels, you can then further repeat this on other channels. e.g. If you have asked a question on Quora, you can further ask that questions or a related one in either a LinkedIn group, on a FaceBook fan page/group, google plus groups, Reddit or any other discussion boards and forums in your niche.

To find forums in your niche, you can simply try the below string on google

“Niche + forum”

Here is a screenshot for nutrition + forum search results

Google search query example eCloudbuddy

Hope you liked this post, do try this strategy out, and let me know about your results. Also do not forget to hit the subscribe button for more on content marketing strategy and, content marketing advise.

Best wishes.


Shh..Neil Patel Gave Me His Secret Blogging Weapons

If you are a blogger or, if you plan to be one some day, Neil Patel is someone who needs no introduction to. He is the founder of Crazyegg and Kissmetrics both multi million dollar SAAS businesses. In this post I am sharing awesome blogging tips and tools (or THE Blogging Weapons) recommended by Neil himself, which I have tried myself or plan to use them very soon.


Neil is also a featured blogger at the top publications like TechCrunch and entrepreneur.com. Here is his pic from his personal blog www.neilpatel.com

Neil Patel

He regularly blogs at neilpatel.com and quicksprout.com on everything blogging and digital marketing.

I came across Neil Patel’s posts while researching for my blog eCloudbuddy. This was around early 2015.

I was researching on AdSense Optimization and getting more website visitors. Since then both Quicksprout and NeilPatel.com are a regular visits whenever I am looking for blogging motivation or answers to my questions on digital marketing.

I remember the first post I read was about Knowledge Graph Optimization.

Neil has thoroughly explained about how to build the schema structure of your blog posts, define post types, author details etc. to get your blog even more traffic from Google search through the rich snippets.


You can go through the post here:

The Beginner’s Guide to the Google’s Knowledge Graph

There are many things that I have learned from Neil Patel but, I have been able to implement them only in bits and pieces.

I will definitely try the ones I haven’t tried at eCloudbuddy and any digital marketing projects I take in future.

Here is a small list of Neil’s suggested tools and tips, which I can recall.

  1. Canva – Blogging Weapon To Simplify Your Design Efforts

Canva is the one of the recent awesome tools recommended by Neil, which I use to create blog banners and I also used it to create my latest infographic.

It’s very easy to use if you want to create images, banners, infographics or slideshows for your website.

Below are the infographic and banner post links. The best thing about Canva is, it has a simplistic design and an awesome user experience.

Infographic: 7 Essential Things To Do Before Publishing Your Blog Post

Three Critical Email Marketing Matrices Every Blogger Must Monitor


  1.   Ahrefs.com – Blogging Intelligence And Actionable Insights

The second tool that i am using quite frequently now is ahrefs.com.

This is very helpful in monitoring backlinks to your website.

You can easily track your website content performance on social media and, Ahrefs also helps you monitor your Domain Ranking and Keywords which bring traffic to your website.


I was able to hop on to their free plan, which i think they have discontinued for now. Though they have a 15 days free trial too which can be used to evaluate the product before you make up your mind.


Below is a screenshot from Ahrefs.com homepage, which shows a snapshot of all the matrices and data available once your sign-up.



  1. Snipping And Annotation Tools

Neil uses a lot of snipped images and also a lot of annotations in his blog posts. I started using a few myself. Nimbus Screenshot and Screencast (available as a Google chrome extension) and Snip are the tools I use to make my blog posts more visually attractive to my website visitors.


  1. Writing Detailed Posts

One thing that separates Neil from most of the bloggers out on the web, is the length and depth of content he creates. All his posts are detailed and backed by credible statistics.

Almost all his posts are 1000 words plus, and are loaded with a lot of valuable insights, and useful information.

The content copy flows beautifully from start till end, Neil is able to craft a copy which keeps his visitor engaged. The marketing elements are placed scientifically at places where they do not interfere with the user experience and also urge the visitor to take the next intended step.

Neil is also able to build a personal bond with his audience by timely replying to his blog comments.

I am also trying to create more useful and detailed posts which can help anyone who stumbles upon my blog.

  1. Using Content Upgrades

Neil mentioned in one of his posts, why it is important to focus more on the conversion that you get on your website. He also recommends building up your blog subscriber list and nurture it well.

A very important piece to crack the puzzle of building up your blog subscribers is creating content upgrades.

“A content upgrade is simply bonus content that people can get access to in exchange for their email address” – Source: smartpassiveincome.com  

I have started adding content upgrades to my blog posts to build my subscriber list.

I plan to add them on all the relevant places on my blog.  

Here is an example of one on quicksprout.com


  1. Blog Posting Frequency

This is one advice which is very critical for any blogger in any niche. Neil recommends maintaining a good frequency while publishing your blog posts.

In one of his posts on website traffic, Neil talks about his journey to 100,000 plus visitors on QuickSprout, KISSmetrices and Crazyegg. Below is a screenshot where he clearly shows how the traffic on these blogs surged when Neil increased the blog posting frequency.


But you have to ensure while you are trying to create content at a rapid pace, you never compromise on content quality.

Source: https://www.quicksprout.com/2013/12/02/how-to-grow-your-blog-to-100000-visits-a-month-in-18-months/

I am trying my best to maintain a healthy blogging frequency, while trying to strike a work-life balance but, this is one of the toughest challenges for me as of now.

For any blogger, I would recommend to first of all decide the ultimate goal of his Blog, Is it Money, Fame, Passion,Hobby or something else? Once you are clear about the ultimate goal, you can then go ahead and create a plan targeted to achieve that goal.

Some personal advice that will be handy on the way

1.Focus On Value Addition

  You should always aim at delivering value for your audience. It’s easy to get distracted and target something else, but, at the core of your business or blog, you should always focus on adding value for your customers, subscribers and blog followers.

  1. Write down the challenges that you might encounter and then research on them.
    I suggest you go through the guides on NeilPatel.com which are detailed and will provide answers to most of your blogging questions.
  1. Automate most of the tasks that you have to repeatedly do and are non productive

A few examples could be coding, designing etc. If you are not comfortable with them,I suggest that you use tools like Canva, use CMS platforms like WordPress etc. to ease this process or hire someone to completely outsource it.

      4.Learn your Craft and  Maintain a discipline

I am sure most of you know about this already, but it is important that you keep learning about your niche and become an expert. You should also ensure that you stay disciplined and focused on your blogging goals. It could be as simple as writing 1 valuable blog post a day.

 There is tons of advice available on Neil’s blogs for anyone who is starting out or someone looking for more in-depth knowledge to sharpen his blogging skills. 

I am a fan of Neil Patel, because of the value he delivers through his blogs, the professional approach that he adopts in building his brands. Neil is still able to maintain a personal bond with people who are seeking his help with their blogs and businesses alike.

I wish him all the very best and look forward to stay connected while I build up eCloudbuddy

Please do let me know about your thoughts on the above blogging tools and tips, if you have tried any of these personally, how was your experience with them? Please post  your comments below.


Three Critical Email Marketing Matrices Every Blogger Must Monitor

Three Critical Email Marketing Matrices Every Blogger Must Monitor

Email Marketing is the most popular digital marketing channel used by bloggers and marketers in organizations small and large alike. In fact it is usually the part of every digital marketing plan a marketing team comes up with.

For a blogger, email marketing is one of the most important channels to promote your blog.

The reasons for this are:

  1. It is one of the simplest ways to start promoting your blog. It takes only a few minutes to start an email campaign with your favorite email program.
  2. It is one of the most cost-effective marketing channels. “Email marketing has an ROI of 3800% – Source DMA”
  3. Email marketing is one of the easiest channels which can be automated. This ensures minimal efforts are required to market your blog and services.

For a blogger who has just started a blog and is exploring ways to promote it, email marketing is an obvious choice. In this post we take a look at 3 critical email marketing matrices everyone most monitor and optimize for getting an improved performance on their email marketing efforts.


Monitoring the below metrics and optimizing your email marketing basis insights from these can yield in a much better results on your marketing efforts.

Subscriber Count (The Top One Of  Three Critical Email Marketing Matrices For A Blogger)

This is simply the count of your subscribers. This is one of the most critical matrix. Your blog subscriber count is directly proportional to how successful your blog is.

You should put your efforts in gaining more subscribers for your blog. You should develop a relationship with your blog subscribers by sending them useful resources.

You can gain more blog subscribers by following the below strategies.


    1. Add a Subscribe to your blog posts form at prominent places on your blog like the header, sidebar, between the content and in the footer. Here is an example:email marketing subscriber opt-in example
    2. Add a Call To Action Button to your subscription form on your Facebook page. e.g.screenshot-www.facebook.com 2016-01-14 04-24-23
    3. Add content upgrades in your blog post. It is a simple opt-in form or a lead magnet with a very tempting offer in exchange of a desired action like getting an e-mail address.content upgrade button

Open Rate (Master This To Master All Other Email Marketing Matrices)

Open rate is one major email marketing matrix basis which you can fairly judge if your subscribers find your emails interesting. Email open rates also give you good idea about the engagement levels of your subscribers.

Open rate optimization is an email marketing strategy you should definitely focus on to optimize your email campaign performance.

Open rate is calculated as a percentage of total emails opened to total emails delivered.

A few good strategies to improve email open rates are:

Subject Line Optimization

If you are able to get this done, you will have open rates beating industry standards.

You have to come up with 4-5 subject lines with 4 to 5 different intents but in line with what’s inside the email.

AB Testing

After doing this, you have to split your list into 4-5 sub segments and send them your email.

This is how you are A/B testing your subject lines against one another to get the best performing subject lines.

Pro-Tip: “Adding a personalization element like “Recipient Name” in your subject line can improve its response by at least 20%”

Tools like campaign monitor, iContact and Mailchimp have simple features built-in the email marketing platforms to get this done with ease.

From Name Optimization

This is usually missed but is still critical to getting your email instantly recognized and in tandem with a good subject line helps in getting a good open rate on your emails.  

From Name is the name using which an email is sent to a recipient. For a blogger, it can either be the blog name or the blogger name. For an organization/brand it can be the brand or organization name. Here is an example: 

From Name Example

An A/B test can be performed on from lines as well, keeping all other elements constant to find out the best of lot.

Click Through Rate (The Final Result Yielding Email Marketing Matrix)

Click through rate is calculated as a percentage of clicks to emails opened. This matrix is a good judge of your content quality or how popular your offer inside the email is.

There are many factors responsible to get  a good click-through on your emails.

  1. The recipient finds your email useful.
  2. You have to ensure that the call to action is clear. This means it’s easy to spot the call to action.This ensures that the recipient is not confused while taking the intended action.The intended action can be signing up for your newsletter, reading the blog post or downloading an eBook sent.
  3. The email is designed keeping email design guidelines in mind.If the email doesn’t open correctly, it will make your subscribers leave them very easily.
  4. At times, there are more than one call to action present which we might not realize are actually there.For e.g using social media buttons in the email.These might deflect the recipient to your social media profiles.But you want them to actually go to your blog and read your post? Right?So, you should test your call to actions too and optimize them for an improved performance.

These were the three most important email marketing matrices every blogger must monitor to improve his blog performance.

Apart from these you must closely monitor your emails for bounce/spam complaints.

Also ensure that you keep a healthy relationship with your subscribers by sending them interesting and useful content on regular basis to nurture it into a great relationship.

Do you agree these are the most important email marketing matrices to monitor of a blogger? Please let me know in the comments below.

Infographic- 7 Essential Things To Do Before Publishing Your Blog Post

Infographic: 7 Essential Things To Do Before Publishing Your Blog Post

7 Essential Things To Do Before Publishing Your Blog Post
Click To Enlarge

10 Things You Must Do After Writing Your Blog Post

10 Things You Must Do After Writing Your Blog Post

So you have written your amazing blog post. And you have also saved its draft on your favorite blogging platform. Now if your goal is just to write for yourself and you don’t care about traffic to your blog, you will still find this post useful.

1. Check Your Post for Typos or Grammatical Errors

As soon as you have written your post, the first thing you should do is check it out for any typos or grammatical errors and omissions. There is an inbuilt spell check in WordPress which you can utilize to do this or In MS WORD you can use the spelling and grammar (F7) check to do this.

2. Check For Any Broken Links

After you have reviewed your blog for typos and grammatical errors, the next thing can be checking that any links used in the blog post are not broken. You do not want your website visitors to land on that 404 error page or do you?

3. Review Your Post For Formatting and Structure

Use the post preview tool to check the appearance of your blog post. Check out the images, text alignment and how the overall post structure is showing up. Make the required amendments to ensure your post looks great to the eye. This is important because content that is visually appealing has more probability of getting read and shared. See Why Visual Content Will Explode In 2015 – Forbes

4. Review Images Used In Blog Post

Check your images for alt text to ensure that your post looks fine in the event that the images are not showing up. Adding an alt text and description also helps in getting the images ranked on search engine and help build your blog rating.

5. Check SEO status of Your Blog Post

You can also check to see if your post is SEO optimized or not. WordPress comes with a plugin which makes your life a lot easier when it comes to SEO, you can use Yoast or ULTIMATE SEO plugins to ensure that your post is optimized for search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo.

6. Submit Your Blog Post To Search Engines

Once you have taken care of the things from the above points, you can now submit your blog post to search engines to get indexed faster. The earliest your post starts getting indexed and showing up in search results the better response you can expect in terms of website traffic.

7. Share Your Awesome Blog Post on Social Media

Now is the time to tell your social media fans and followers about your blog post. You can use a plugin like publicize or social media management tools like HootSuite or buffer to do this. You can easily publish your post on Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus and other social networks to get website traffic from there and increase the probability of your content going viral.

social share

8. Send Your Blog Post To Your Newsletter Subscribers

Send your blog post to your newsletter subscriber, again if you have a blog on WordPress your job is made easy by email newsletter plugins, WordPress also integrates seamlessly with email service providers like MailChimp and constant contact to ensure your subscribers know about this post and remain engaged to your blog. Each of your engaged blog subscriber is worth 100s of dollars and is a key factor in building your overall brand value. Read Determining Subscriber Value: What’s an Email List Member Worth?

9. Comment on Relevant Blog Posts

Once you have written your blog post, you should do a simple search on Google to check out results which are in similar niche and cover something interesting. You can leave a helpful comment with useful information, your point of view or insight. This will ensure that you get more natural visitors from visitors on the blogs where you left your comments.

10. Back-Up Your Blog Posts

You would not want your hard work to be wasted by a server crash or configuration errors. I always recommend taking a back-up of all your articles. You can use Google drive or Dropbox to do this. I recommend taking multiple back-ups of all your data and ensure your website back-up is also scheduled on the hosting servers you are using. You can also take a back-up of your WordPress blog post easily using the WordPress import/export feature.

wp import export

So, these were my recommendations on things you must do after writing your blog post, do you have anything to add or think I have missed something? Please let me know in the comments below.


How to Choose An EMail Service Provider For Your Business

This is a short video that i created sometime back to help organizations choose an e-mail service provider with ease.

This video can help you create your strategy on how to shortlist the right e-mail marketing service provider for your business.

Choosing the right email service provider is critical to your email marketing success and by learning how to choose an email service provider you can make this decision with ease.

marketing cloud for startups

A Marketing Cloud Alternative for Startups? Really?


Before I begin unfolding this, let us understand what a Marketing Cloud really is.

According to Wikipedia

Cloud marketing is the process of an organization’s efforts to market their goods and services online through integrated digital experiences, by which they are specialized for every single end user.”

According to my understanding, a marketing cloud is a complete marketing suite which gives digital marketing professionals the ability to market their products/services. The differentiators of a marketing cloud which make it stand out from other marketing platforms are:

  1. Integrated/ Cross Channel Marketing Ability
  2. Personalized Marketing ability for each and every end user
  3. Predictive Intelligence
  4. Integrated cross channel content management system
  5. Provides actionable intelligent reporting system

Let us understand these in more detail


Integrated/Cross Channel Marketing Ability:

This feature of marketing cloud makes it possible for a marketing professional to manage all cross channel marketing efforts from a single location, may it be managing content and collateral for different marketing campaigns or managing cross channel campaigns across multiple websites, social media, email, SMS, loyalty programs, discount coupons/offer campaign etc.


Personalized Marketing Ability For Each and Every End User 

A marketing cloud gives you the ability to market to your customer at each and every step of customer life-cycle. A personalized marketing ability gives you the ability to create personalized cross channel customer experiences. It also gives you the ability to initiate customer interaction at multiple touch point basis customer behavior. It gives a marketer the power to test and target using multiple content variations, test frequency and timing etc. Personalized marketing ability also enables a marketer to leverage automation and respond to customers automatically basis their previous user behavior or basis intelligent monitoring systems.

A personalized marketing feature of a marketing cloud also makes it possible to easily integrate it with other marketing systems, apps and products to multiply its outputs.

Predictive Intelligence

Predictive intelligence helps in delivering personalized content or helps the marketer derive intelligent inputs from cross channel data to create highly effective marketing campaigns. Predictive intelligence helps devise long term marketing road maps and helps easily achieve your marketing goals. Predictive intelligence can help you predict what a user might want to buy and suggest content according to that.


Integrated Cross Channel Content Management System

An integrated cross channel Content Management System (CMS) enables you to publish content across multiple marketing channels in different forms, it also comes with useful plugins and integration to ensure that all marketing channels can be leveraged to the maximum output.

Provides Actionable Intelligent Reporting System

Marketing Cloud comes with an intelligent reporting system, more customer data you have more powerful you become. Marketing cloud makes it possible to combine big data and analytics . This helps you develop a data driven strategy for your marketing campaign.


Salesforce and Adobe have emerged as the leaders in the race of Enterprise Marketing Software Suites with IBM and SAP following closely. The below Forrester study shows the trend from Q4 2014

marketing cloud contenders

Though a marketing cloud is a great offering for an established organization looking trying to establish themselves and improve their marketing performance, for a startup even the smallest of a marketing cloud module can sound very expensive.

But after analyzing the composition of a marketing cloud an alternative robust economical solution can be chosen.

In next posts I will break this down and tell you about tools which will help you achieve these objectives with ease.

Why Do I Blog and You Should Learn Blogging Too!

This is a question which popped up my mind and I thought it is important to be absolutely clear about this “WHY”.

I have always loved reading and writing. I read a lot despite the limited time I get from work.

I also like writing, it’s usually about expressing myself, my feelings and opinions and at times about sharing information about something that I find useful, cool or may help someone in some way or other.

I guess, I picked up blogging, as soon as I moved from the PEN to my laptop KEYBOARD. The transformation was spontaneous, I used to create word documents on my laptop, write small articles etc. and then I read about blogging and how everyone had started to write a blog on what interests them. This included food blogs, gadgets and dating etc.

When I started, I experimented with blogging platforms like Blogger, BlogSpot etc. but then I eventually decided to get my own domain and hosting.

Today I blog to share Digital Marketing knowledge, trends and tips with someone keen to learn blogging.

I am inspired by the journey of great bloggers like Patt Flynn and Neil Patel. I am awed how they have completely mastered and created a brand of their own on the internet.

I blog to experiment and share the success and failures of my digital experiments. I want to create a digital marketing revenue stream which is simple, predictive, recurring and recession proof. eCloudbuddy blog is a platform which is helping me fulfill this dream.

I think blogging is something that gives me hope. I blog to express myself. I strongly feel there is a genius in every one of us waiting to be unleashed. Blogging is a channel which can connect you with the remotest part of the world so if you want to express yourself or learn and experiment with digital marketing, go begin your blogging journey today.